Saturday, August 30, 2014

6x6 Mini Scrapbook - Part 1 - Making the book

I'm back! And making a scrapbook to commemorate my trip to Las Vegas where lots of fun ensued. Before I get started with my own craft journey here and show you some pictures along the way, I want to give credit to who made a 40ish minute youtube video that shows you in real time how to make this. I took the design and added my own spin and this is the result. I also want to say that with the exception of the paper cutter and folder thing, I got all of the supplies for under $2! Watch for sale coupons, buy things one at a time until you get everything you need. I also had a $10 coupon to AC Moore and a 15% discount for working for a school. Huzzah!

Now to get started. I will omit some of the boring obvious pictures that involve preparing paper and just list what you need to finish with here:

  • Two pieces of something firm that will serve as covers. I used grunge paper by Ranger. It's a 6x6 book so use that sized paper or maybe a little bigger.
  • A pad of 6x6 paper (or your own paper trimmed to 6x6). I used a set called World Traveler by Teresa Collins ($2.99 for 24 double-sided sheets). Pick 12 sheets out that you like and go together. The rest of the pack is pretty guaranteed to coordinate well for embellishments or matting photos.
  • Six 6x6 squares of cardstock. You may see the cardstock so pick a color that goes well with the pattern and don't waste nice cardstock. I just used a basic brown from the Core'dinations Chocolate Lovers set (it was also on sale that day).
  • Five 6x2.5 pieces of cardstock (can be the same) this is for the binding of the pages. If you have 8.5x11 cardstock, you can cut it to 6x8.5 and then chop off the 2.5 part to get this and the previous squares you needed ;)
  • One piece that is 7x3.75 for the actual spine. You may see this so you might want to pick a nicer cardstock for this or a color that coordinates well with the paper you want on the cover.
  • Glue (liquid is best here)
  • Other fun stuff like an ink pad and applicator for distressing edges. I also found some sweet washi tape that I wanted to use.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'll be back! Don't worry!

Hey friends. I just wanted to take a quick moment to let everyone know that I will be back with more work soon. I had some health issues pop up that kept me from doing much, and now I'm a little busy with work, but all busy things come to an end, and I'll be back to creating. I actually have a few things I made in the interim that I need to get words to go with pictures and then it will be up. Thanks for being patient!