About Me

Hi there! I'm Steve and this blog has my stuff. I currently reside in Ithaca, New York, where I work as an Admission Counselor at Ithaca College. Before that I was a Residence Hall Director for Risley Residential College for the Creative and Performing Arts at Cornell University. And before that, I was at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN, and before THAT at Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL (Go 'Noles!). I grew up in central/gulf coast Florida, where manatees and hurricanes reign supreme.

Even from a young age I have been into art. I liked trying new things and getting messy creating things. Pen inks, paper crafts, water colors, finger paints, flower pressing, crayons... nothing was off limits. In high school I even wanted to attend a school for art, but alas, I thought I was going to be a doctor then so I didn't pursue that. I did get involved with theatre though and used my skills to help with creative design when not performing.

Now that I'm "grown up" (ha!), I am able to be a little more focused and intentional about my projects, not to mention I can actually afford materials. Imagine 19-year-old Steve wondering "should I buy this new sketch book? Or should I buy food? Hmm..." Now I don't have to chose! And I don't. I love trying new foods and restaurants as well as finding ways to get supplies for super cheap (my secret is coupons and plan ahead for projects so you can buy one item at a time from the store until you have everything you need for about 1/2 off).

This is Freeway. I adopted him in 2012 and he's been my little compadre ever since. No one knows how he lost his eye, so I usually tell people that he lost it in a heroic bar fight defending his lady's honor. Don't ask where the lady is now... I didn't get that far in the back story. He's a corgi mix and pretty much the nicest little guy you'll meet. He is sometimes the subject of my art, so keep an eye out for him. Oh man, "keep an eye out"... I'm terrible.

If there is anything else you would like to know, comment below and I will add the information to the page :)

-Steve & Freeway


  1. Glad to meet you Freeway :) Stan (one of my dogs) lost his left eye about 2 months ago. He's been fine ever since. I have never seen him depressed in all his 10 years up until his eye got an ulcer and then burst. Saddest dog ever! Now he is back to his normal crazy Boston terrier self!
    Merry Christmas Steve and Freeway and a very very Happy New Year!!!

    1. Holy cow! An optic ulcer sounds horrific. Poor guy. Freeway came to me with his "perpetual wink" so I don't know the cause of it, but he does just fine without it (except when he gets too excited and runs into things with the side of his face...). Happy New Year to you and all the pups!