Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I'm Back! Sorry for the long hiaitus

Edit: If you came here from Tim's website looking for my tag/card, scroll to the end!

Well, here we are. The day after election day. Now that I've started to get over the initial impact of everything and have had time to focus on work and some productive things, I thought I would take a moment and update my blog because... well... I haven't in a while.

Since June, a lot of things have happened. My roommate at the time moved to Toronto, so I had to move into a new housing situation, that then required ANOTHER move at the end of July, so there was a lot of moving going on.

Professionally I had some awesome opportunities to work with some great students in a program called Camp College that helps underrepresented kids explore college options in a weekend sleepaway camp of sorts.

Of course I HAVE been creating a little bit too. Here is a quick update of some of my art projects I have completed.

I made a lantern and "old passport" project for PortalBurn, a regional Burning Man event that I attend every summer:

A photo posted by Steve Jenks (@centaurofattn) on

And then I went off to Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada, which was life changing (cliche though it is to say). Here are some of the art projects I either made or was involved with:

A video posted by Steve Jenks (@centaurofattn) on

And two pics of me in the desert:

A photo posted by Steve Jenks (@centaurofattn) on

A photo posted by Steve Jenks (@centaurofattn) on

You can check out lots of other awesome pictures and videos of my time at Burning Man here:

I also made some cards:

Otherwise I haven't been super creative to be honest. Working on my penmanship and read some books (finally). But I did manage to get back on the tag challenge boat. This is my entry for the Tim Holtz tags of 2016 remix challenge for November:

So with that, I hope to update you all more regularly (and perhaps use the fun blog tab I created on this thing and then decided not to use... whomp. But I guess this can go there soooo I shall tag it as such.

Get excited for the holidays and get started on your cards if you haven't already! Pro Tip: use to keep track of all of your addresses. Every year you can click a refresh function and everyone gets an email to update their addresses if they moved!

Till next time,


  1. Good to have you back. Love the whale or Orca. Being on the westcoast myself I can appreciate him/her.

    1. It was a pretty amazing piece of art. The different panels were stained glass!

  2. Your blog post is so very much to see and read about...Loved your B'day card....with your unique "vintage" style!

  3. Good luck on all your new happenings. Great cards, and love the birthday one...wonderful color.