Sunday, September 27, 2015

12 Tags of 2015 - September - Card Edition

I have really started liking this process of making the tag and then using the technique to make cards that I can use later. As usual, here are the finished projects and Tim's tag. Details after the jump.

12 Tags of 2015 - September!

It's that time of the month! I just moved apartments and finally had time to clean off my desk and make some space to craft. So here is the quick snapshot of this month's tag:

It was based off of Tim's tag seen here:

More on the techniques after the jump!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

BURNING MAN! Postcard Project

So this past week was the annual Burning Man event in Black Rock City, NV and tragically a lot of my friends went but I am in a transitional time in my life where I couldn't take the time or money to go this year. Next year. Next year is the year. (I say that now... we shall see..).

Anyway, I was super sad I couldn't go, but wanted to send a fun note along with another friend to meet my main camp folks. Ultimately she wasn't successful (Thanks anyway, Mikale! You tried!) but I will mail it to someone in the group and they will help share the wealth. Not picture is some stationary with our camp name (ElectroBrew) on it. You can see the stamp on the card though. Okay, let's take a look!

So this is the finished front, which will be explored further later. If you're on the main page, follow the jump to see more!