Wednesday, September 9, 2015

BURNING MAN! Postcard Project

So this past week was the annual Burning Man event in Black Rock City, NV and tragically a lot of my friends went but I am in a transitional time in my life where I couldn't take the time or money to go this year. Next year. Next year is the year. (I say that now... we shall see..).

Anyway, I was super sad I couldn't go, but wanted to send a fun note along with another friend to meet my main camp folks. Ultimately she wasn't successful (Thanks anyway, Mikale! You tried!) but I will mail it to someone in the group and they will help share the wealth. Not picture is some stationary with our camp name (ElectroBrew) on it. You can see the stamp on the card though. Okay, let's take a look!

So this is the finished front, which will be explored further later. If you're on the main page, follow the jump to see more!

And this is the finished back. This is the only picture of the back because it's fairly "simple." It's a ton of stamping in various archival inks. The postage stamp was fun because I colored a stamp with distress markers and then stamped it out on cardstock, cut it out, distressed it a little, glued it down, and then "Cancelled" the stamp out. I even addressed it to their camp location on the playa (even if it didn't really help haha).

Slightly more fun is the front. So let's get in closer.

I started by putting a few colors of distress paint all over the edges and letting it dry. I then went over the paint with some ink to spice it up. Then I used versamark ink and a mirrored french script stamp all over the painted spot, covered it in some gold embossing powder, and hit that bad boy with the craft heater. This was probably the cleanest embossing I've ever done. Usually it looks like crap, not gonna lie.

Here you can see how the background looks with the foreground designs. Pretty sweet and adds a feminine element to an other wise masculine design (we're mostly guys, sorry!). The foreground started with some cardstock that I used distress stain all over and then roughed up the edges. I probably lightly hit it with "vintage photo" as well because I use it on everything. Every. Thing. (My dog looks a little older than usual at the moment... just kidding). You can also see some detail of the Found Relatives card that I used. I did some trimming so that it fit a little better. Added some stamps, sanded it a bit, crinkled it, added a paperclip...the usual.

I finally used some of my tiny autumn leaves for no particular reason. You can also see some washi tape, a word band thing attached with brads, and some of a strip of film that also has a wire dangly thing of stones, a wooden bead, and a word bead thing that I tried to make look like a tiny brick. Oh and I jumped down to the sewing shop and added a border around it to add a little something extra. I really like sewing on paper.

Here is the logo I made in the Letter Press shop at work. Did a little design work and then ran it through the press on a small tag. I also made some sheets of stationary since I went through the trouble of making the plate for printing. I also stamped the piece with a honeycomb stamp in sienna and then inked the whole thing up in autumn colors. I figured it was hot as hell out in the desert and thoughts of the fall might help cool them off? Maybe?

The underside of the tag has a bee/wasp for no apparent reason, I just love it. And what's that? ZOOM IN!

In contrast to the traditional "Wish you were here" I sent them a postcard saying "Wish I was there." And a little sequin peacock feather, which is an homage to my vest that I wore on the last regional burn we attended together (Some sweet fabric that only cost $1 a yard with a coupon!) If you're interested in seeing that beauty, let me know in the comments and I will try and pull together the photos from my phone.

And here's the front again. It was a lot of fun to put this together and an interesting challenge since Mikale also had some of my staple products like my Black Archival Ink Pad (!!!) and some stamps. Classic "use whatcha got, dude."


PS - Since I likely won't send this actual card to anyone in particular, I dedicate this post to Dom, Isaac, Riley, Joe, Christian, Mike, and John -- collectively, ElectroBrew. Love you guys!

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  1. A postcard anyone would love to receive!!! LOVE those gents! So cool!!!