Sunday, September 27, 2015

12 Tags of 2015 - September!

It's that time of the month! I just moved apartments and finally had time to clean off my desk and make some space to craft. So here is the quick snapshot of this month's tag:

It was based off of Tim's tag seen here:

More on the techniques after the jump!

I started by swiping some glossy cardstock through alcohol ink. I used a bunch of different colors and while Tim's turned out beautiful and vibrant--mine sort of turned out like mud. But there IS a really cool shine to it when you turn it from the metallic mixatives.

Then Tim stamped out his image with alcohol ink on the sheet and then onto some Frosted paper. A friend borrowed my black ink pad for Burning Man and hasn't returned it so I tried to make due with what I had. Turns out, not all of the colors show up that great :(

So I tried my best to line the stamps up again and went over them with a Cobalt blue Archival ink. It showed up better this time.

Now here is where I ran into some problems... Tim says that the frosted paper is heat stable and you can use a craft heater on it to dry the archival ink and make it stay. I heated it. And heated it some more. And I didn't want it to melt, but I really heated the thing, I promise. Despite the heating, the ink STILL SMUDGED! So then I blotted it carefully with a paper towel. Still smudged. So I ended up just being really careful and trying not to smear.

So then I cut the leaves out (and a few other shapes for another project, coming soon) and heated them until they could be shaped a little.

Meanwhile, back on the glossy mud paper, I used transparent texture paste and an old credit card (because I'm cheap and don't want to buy a pallet knife...) to lay down some texture. (Spoiler alert, this wasn't the same project in the photo. Same idea though)

Then I sprayed the tag with some mini misters with diluted reinker in them because spending money on the spray stain just isn't something I'm convinced I need to do yet. This turned out pretty nice for my autumnal colored project.

When you were in school and played hide and seek did anyone else have that friend that claimed there was a rule that if you used the rhyme "One, two, skip a few, 99, 100" it counted as counting to 100? Ugh. I hated them. Anyway, one, two, skip a few, here is the final product haha.

Some steps to highlight though since I got photo lazy: After the texture paste dried I lightly brushed it with blue archival ink to make it show up a little better. I glued the leaves down and added a word strip thing with some torn paper and wire. I then adhered everything together and called it a day.

Till next month! -Steve

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