Sunday, January 31, 2016

Congrats and Good Luck Cards

Quick post of some cards I made recently. One of my colleagues got a new position and had her last day on Friday. Saturday was another co-worker's audition for a masters program in viola. So naturally I stayed up super late on Thursday to make some cards :)

The Good Luck card is on the left and features a music paper background and then watercolor paper with Distress Inks and stamp. The Good Luck card is on the right and is ink and watercolor paper as well. All of the stamps were from Tim Holtz collections.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Sam Sparro - We Won't Need Anything But Love - Lyrics

My whole life I had this feeling
What we see is not the ceiling
Must be more than what they're teaching us
Thought that all we needed was love

Nights I lie here contemplating
Why we spend our lives just waiting
For something that might be saving us
When all we really needed was love
Was love

Maybe when the world stops spinning
It will only be beginning
Galaxies are spirits living above
We won't need anything but love
No we won't need anything but love
But love

Sunday, January 17, 2016

12 Tags of 2016 - January!

So this year Tim Holtz is doing a "remix" theme on his tag challenges where he takes two older techniques and remixes them together to create something a little new. I don't know if any of my readers are tag makers (or, like me, just do this challenge) but I have a ton of tags and nothing to use them for. Or so I thought...

Here is my tag:

Not only did I remix the techniques, but I took my thriftiness to a new level. Here are some fun facts on this tag:

  • I didn't have any black paper, so this is a blue chalkboard. Get over it.
  • People always jokingly ask if I'm going to reuse my holiday paper...I did. In fact, the person that gave me that present then received this tag made from the paper out of spite so I hope he noticed :)
  • I needed a birthday card and also a way to make this wonderful tag disappear. So I turned it over, added some calligraphy paper and wrote a nice message on it. I then slipped it between the gift and some yarn. Ta Da! Birthday Card, One less tag, and no need for an envelope!
Here is the tag that inspired this:

Hope everyone had a great New Year and I'm excited to share a bunch of new things this year. I've taken up calligraphy recently so expect a ton of writing samples to randomly pop up.