Friday, January 29, 2016

Sam Sparro - We Won't Need Anything But Love - Lyrics

My whole life I had this feeling
What we see is not the ceiling
Must be more than what they're teaching us
Thought that all we needed was love

Nights I lie here contemplating
Why we spend our lives just waiting
For something that might be saving us
When all we really needed was love
Was love

Maybe when the world stops spinning
It will only be beginning
Galaxies are spirits living above
We won't need anything but love
No we won't need anything but love
But love

Every once in a while a song catches my ear and then it's all I can listen to for a few days. No other songs sound attractive until I can get over that song. This is one of those songs for me right now. I'm pretty sure that the songs happen at times when I'm under a lot of emotional or psychological stress from relationships and work and general life--haha, I'm sure you can relate. But when I hear it, I just plug in my headphones, dim the lights, and listen on repeat until I feel better. Give it a go:

Sam Sparro is an interesting artist. He has some awesome songs, but is relatively unknown. "We won't need anything by love" is from an EP called "Quantum Physical 2"--which has only 4 songs. What I found fascinating was that the lyrics weren't anywhere online. No where. Couldn't find them! So I decided to put them up in case someone else finds some power in the words.

For my usual blog perusers, enjoy this departure from visual art into one of my many other loves. I created a blog space on here (there is a tab for it now) so that I could just ramble from time to time. But don't worry, I made some cool stuff recently that will get posted too ;)


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  1. Great song, and I do understand what you are talking about.