Saturday, September 27, 2014

Creative Chemistry 101 - Day 2

So I finally did it -- I signed up for Creative Chemistry 101, an interactive online art class taught by Tim Holtz that teaches you the chemistry behind different crafting products and how they work together to achieve really cool techniques. For anything that produces a visual I will share it here (as well as trying to catch up with showing other cool projects I've been working on).

Day 1 was an overview of the class and explaining how different mediums work (dyes vs pigments for example) and then I went through what I had and filled out a cool chart to help me choose the right tools in the future.

Day 2 is where the projects started. I won't share the secrets of how to obtain these techniques because 1) Tim asked me not to, and 2) you should sign up for the class! It's super cool and only $35.

But I AM allowed to share my own projects showing the techniques, so here we have (From left to right) Blended Distress/Spritz & Flick Technique, Brushless Watercolor Technique, and Wrinkle-Free Distress Technique.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My first RetroSketch Challenge!

Well I am being a horrible blogger when it comes to getting my posts up in any sort of timely manner that feels like there is regularity. Sorry about that.

This week I tried my hand at a challenge from the RetroSketches Blog where they essentially give you a sketch of a project, and you turn it into a real thing. After a week or so, they pick a stand out project and a few other awesome honorable mentions. If you win, you can use a fun button on your blog that basically tells people that you made something cool and sort of award worthy. You will see from my project that I could really use a gift card (so few supplies... sigh...) but pride is also cool ;)

I also needed to make someone a thank you card, so this worked out as a good starting point for my inspiration for what to make.

So this is the sketch for the week:

 And here is what I created:

I used a basic card and envelope set that I inked with Vintage Photo and some green and orange chalk inks. Then I used some fun "autumn" paper for the first layer and the blue side panel, and then ran some brown cardstock through the Big Kick to make the embossed texture. The stamp was a coordinated set that came with the cutout dies and then I painted the edges a little for fun. Then, typical me, I went and distressed the edges of everything, then regretted it, but alas, I did it. The "enamel dots" are actually just a few brads from a big pack that I bought once. I'd love to use dots instead (probably a lot easier than creating little holes for brads) but if you need a quick fix, there you go!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Scrapbookception! Mini Scrapbook within a Scrapbook

Just wanted to do a really quick post about part of my Vegas scrapbook update. I finally had the time to get the project started and after putting photos and collected items into piles for what I wanted on each page, I had a bunch of pictures left over that I really wanted to use but they didn't have a specific place, so I made this Mini Scrapbook that is attached to the inside back cover!

I started with using photos that were all the same size.