Monday, September 1, 2014

Scrapbookception! Mini Scrapbook within a Scrapbook

Just wanted to do a really quick post about part of my Vegas scrapbook update. I finally had the time to get the project started and after putting photos and collected items into piles for what I wanted on each page, I had a bunch of pictures left over that I really wanted to use but they didn't have a specific place, so I made this Mini Scrapbook that is attached to the inside back cover!

I started with using photos that were all the same size.
For this mini, I used 3x3 square photos that I'm sure I stole from Instagram.

Then I took two pieces of cardstock that were 3x6 and glued them together to make the "cover." I cut small holes where the bend would be and at the ends of one piece of cardstock so that I could thread ribbon through the top, string through the back, and a brad in the front. I added those elements before gluing the two pieces together so they would be secure but also sort of hidden on the inside. The book is a little "poofy" so the string helps to keep the book closed.

 To secure the pictures inside, I just folded little pieces of cardstock and glued them together similar to how I made the bigger mini scrapbook. However, I didn't put cardstock on each "hinge." I just made all of the hinges and then glued photos to just one side. The back side you can still see the cardstock but I felt that was better than needing to turn the book over to see the other side.
Then I did my usual thing and used Vintage Photo Distress Ink to age the edges of the book. For the cover, I also used a stamp with white ink and then used letter stamps in archival ink to get that look. And aged it, duh. This was also my first project using photo TAPE and it was amazing. Once everything was all done, I put a brad through a wood thing and the ribbon and used some 3D dots to secure everything to the back cover. Here is how it sort of looks when using it!

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  1. This. Is. Ingenious. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has those few photos that don't fit in anywhere, but need to be documented! Love love love this idea!