Tuesday, November 24, 2015

12 Tags of 2015 - November! - Turned Card!

Okay, I know last month was a really short post and I just quickly threw up my tag and won a shout out... but... I'm doing it again. Sorry. But this time I'm taking it a step further and I didn't even make a tag (??!!!). I made this Thank You card at the beginning of the month and then took a picture and mailed it out and then procrastinated on blogging again. I did preview the pic early though on my Instagram @CentaurOfAttn. But this month has been crazy fun because I have been putting together a really cool Christmas/Holiday gift that I will blog about later. I'm super excited about it and I'm sure the recipient will love it too.

Here is my card:

I really loved the way the ribbon felt, even though most people won't really notice the embossing. I also used a textured stamp that I was hoping would look like fabric but actually ended up looking like blueprint guidelines which...well... worked. Here is Tim's example tag:

Oh yeah, annnddd the winner of last month's giveaway is... Pigglet4822! Shoot me an email and I will work out the shipping so you can maybe make a Christmas Zombie? Or just save it for next year? Or re-gift it? Anyway, congrats! And thanks to everyone for the supporting words.

Stay tuned!



  1. Love your take on Tim's November tag Steve, the background texture stamp worked perfectly with the blueprint ribbon! Congrats to Pigglet4822 and can't wait to see the Christmas gift you've been working on. Deb xo

  2. Nothing wrong with a card! LOVE the blue ribbon...perfect for your theme! Great take!