Thursday, June 26, 2014

#TBT - Quilled Freeway

So this was my first attempt at quilling:

He didn't turn out that bad! Check out my About Me page at the top to see the picture this was based on. It took about 6 hours of work and a lot of that time is just holding tiny pieces of paper together with tweezers until glue dries. It's a very slow process. The shapes could have been a little better, perhaps some smaller, and the colors are a little Simba-esque, but overall my students see it and know it's my dog, so that's success to me.

This could have gone on a card, but instead I attached it to a piece of paper on my office door that let's people know when my dog will be in my office. Most people come by to see him, not me, so it's nice to let everyone know when "the Dogter is In" (I just made that up, and I might use it in real life).

I will try and do #TBT (throw back Thursday for those of you new to the internet) every Thursday or every other Thursday until I run out of things to throw back to.

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