Thursday, July 3, 2014

#TBT - Drinkable Art (21+)

If there is one thing I really like about a holiday, it's that my friends want to get together and have some drinks. I like to offer an array of options for people by infusing my own liquors. This "craft" (going loosely defined today, sorry) is super simple. You need alcohol (I prefer vodka and bourbon), mason jars, and stuff you think is tasty.

You take the stuff you like, and put it in a jar. Things with skins like lemons or peppers might need to be cut or pierced to get any effect. Add it to the jar, fill it with alcohol, and let it set at least over night. I mostly just toss all of my stuff into vodka, but if you want a slightly more robust drink, try adding things like coffee or caramels to bourbon. In the illustration above I made:

  • Carrot - Didn't really taste like anything.
  • Beet - Super Beet-y.
  • Cinnamon - This will kick you in your face.
  • Raspberries - Cough Syrup... mmm... not
  • Vanilla - This was pleasant. We mixed it with the cinnamon and apple juice
  • Spicy Pepper - Wasn't that spicy, and the pepper flavor was kind of gross.
  • Rose - Nope. Didn't taste like roses and was kinda hard to pour.
  • Cucumber - Another mellow flavor that didn't stand out to me.
  • Starfruit - You can taste something, but not really sure if it's good
  • Lemon/Lime - Classic. Can't go wrong there really.
Later on I made one with really hot peppers and it was awesome. Super spicy. We added it to lemonade because we're adventurous.

If I had one suggestion it would be to use the smaller mason jars when you start out with this. If you make something gross (raspberry...) you have a lot of it left and then you have to hope that "that guy" shows up to a party so you can get them to drink it all for you. Start small to experiment and then when you get something great, make a bigger batch of that. In the meantime, the jars look great on your counter. Super colorful. You just have to be willing to also look like you are preparing for the next prohibition era.


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