Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween Re-Cap 2014...AND BEYOND!

So every year I try and find something cool to do for Halloween and depending on how I'm feeling that week I either go big, or go tragically low-effort. Luckily, this year I was excited and had two opportunities to dress up. (Click photos to view larger) But first, let's travel back in time...

The first event I had was Masquerave. The students at my job create this giant pre-Halloween rave every year and I have to work it so I dress up but have to find something functional. My first year I was a steampunk airship pirate thing. That costume was too hot for the event, but I did make a really cool pirate pin that I just sold as my first sale on Etsy (yay!).

The next year I decided to go gross and bring back my love of Zombie makeup. I already had some touristy stuff so it was fun and easy to do a zombie tourist. I loved some of the smaller details that no one got to see haha.

I also went to a smaller Halloween party in NYC, but had to spend 5 hours on a bus to get to it so I went really simple with this Puppy get up. I had a brown hoodie and made some ears and voila!

Then this year, I made the tragic decision to chop off my beard in the name of Halloween and did what might be my creepiest make up yet.
And then a week later there was an actual halloween party and I was not feeling the energy to go all out, so I went a little simpler with this Monsters University student (I love that movie). Shout out to Mandell and his Snow Leopard design!
So there you have it, the last three years of Halloween in a post. There may have been one other costume that I'm forgetting, but hey, this is a blog so I can update it with more if I remember haha. Thanks as always for reading and if you have any questions feel free to comment below :)


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