Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of 2015 - January

This year I decided that my New Year's resolution would be to commit to doing these tags every month. I like easy and accomplishable goals. So this month, my tag came out pretty cool:

Here is the tag that the techniques are based on by Tim Holtz:

In the spirit of tradition, I had very few of the items actually needed for this project and I only had the budget to buy a few new things (this go around, I bought the chit-chat words).

So Tim started by using his really cool tissue paper to glue it over a tag and give it a base background. I don't have that cool tissue paper, but I had some regular tissue paper and some stamps that looked similar sooo... voila!

Then I glued it all down and dried a little. And then took a really blurry picture...

Then all the fun parts that I had to make due with. I painted the tag with Distress paint, sprayed with water and dried it out. Then I didn't have the alpha-parts set that Tim used, but Jo-Ann's did have a set, just with different things so I picked out a few. The arrows were covered with Antique Brass paint, and the "1" was covered with embossing powder (instead of glitter because I still haven't bought it... I need to do that...). I didn't heed Tim's warning and overheated my alpha-part and it warped a little. Oops. Then, instead of fun extra stuff, I made my own fun extra thing using stamps and stamped on a piece of a super old fire-escape plan that fell off the back of a door in my apartment (sort of cool, right?). And then I picked out some words and stuck them down. That was easy enough.

Then I glued all the other pieces on, used a marker to add some "shadow" to the words, and used the tiny attacher (which I was against for a while and now I LOVE IT. Save some coupons and buy that tiny stapler. It's so great). I also added some threads tied together for the "ribbon." And here is the finished piece!

Happy New Year!


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