Sunday, February 15, 2015

"Steven, will you be my Bridesman?" Acceptance Card

As alluded to in another post, my best friend Dani is getting married this summer! She sent me a pretty awesome box of fun stuff to ask me to be in her bridal party and I love having a good reason to send a card. The box had a fun "golden age of Hollywood" theme to it so I pulled together some film-inspired ideas and then got to work. I had intended to use a die-cut and make a small pocket for the tickets.

I sort of anticipated the theme so I had already planned what I wanted to do. But then the box arrived and it had some really cool blue paper and it was wrapped in a film strip so I ditched the die-cut idea and used that instead. There was also a fun reference to us finishing each other's sandwiches (a line from Frozen) so I took that idea and ran with it. So I did some fun stamping to make some vintage-looking tickets and then wrote a little something on the inside. Here is the result!

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