Friday, June 5, 2015

12 Tags of 2015: June!

What?! So early?!?! Yep, I'm going on vacation for a sizable chunk of June and I wanted to a) make sure to do my tag and b) use the techniques to make a card for my Dad for his birthday/Fathers Day (see later post). So as always, let's start with showing my new tag and Tim's tag that it is based on:
My Tag:

Tim's Tag: 
And now for some of the fun close up stuff in case you care to see :)
First, part of the technique included making a background that used a stencil as a stamp. I went with a black tag (because I have a ton and never use them) and a mix of paints on a stencil mixed with water to create the background. I think it has a cool celestial look. There is another background in the picture that is part of my dad's card post (go look at that one too!).

So after making the background, I went and used my new coffee die cut thing (which I obviously had to have as a Starbucks lover). But let's look even closer!
So working top down here, some of the interesting components include the use of a zipper pull, one of those metal things that keep dress shirts folded when you buy them, and a monogram-wax-seal thing that I found on a walk recently. I love finding cool stuff and using it. Moving down a little, Tim used some paint to make the "whipped cream" on the coffee, but I like to shake the cinnamon on top too, so I used (wait for it...) a chopstick dipped in alcohol ink in my spritzer tool to spray the back of some plastic before I added the white paint behind it. At first I used a distress ink pen, but I forgot that it wasn't actually made for that and had to redo it.

Moving on down, I decided to spice up the "cup label" thing with a... a uh... plastic thing (I can't remember what they are called. le sigh) that I stamped using a reflective script on the back so that it was correct on the front. I let it dry and added a little paint to make it stand out. I also put a little bit of alcohol ink on the front to age it a bit. Below that I used burlap, some green paper, a strip of film, and some chit chat stickers to make a phrase that is sort of a punny nod to Starbucks.

And here is the whole tag again!
AND as a bonus for reading until the end, I'm hosting a CONTEST to win some cool Tim Holtz Distress stuff! I'm a fool and ordered two of a few things, and I only need one sooooo good for all of you! You get to try and win it! I have a distress ink pen, stain, and paint in Fossilized Amber up for grabs (one of the new colors for 2015) -- all you have to do is comment below with a suggestion of what you do with tags after you make them haha. That's it! I have a bunch of them and I'm not really sure what to do with them. Do you sell them? Use them for cards? Really big book marks? Anyway, comment below by 11:59pm EST on July 3rd and I will randomly choose a winner on July 4th and reach out to the winner.



  1. I like to give mine as cards. The ones I love or win contests with I hang in my craft room though. There are a select few I love so much I just cant part with and those hang too!

    1. Great ideas! I hang the current year challenge tags in my office as board decorations, but eventually they have to come down and I'm just not sure what to do with them. They are usually more artsy than practical haha. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I keep mine in the tag pocket pages for a worn cover "journal"... A journal per year. Obviously, i make smaller tags! LOL

    1. A journal sounds like a great idea! I've been wanting to get into "Art Journaling" so maybe I can just devote a few pages to making a cool background and gluing these down.

  3. Great tag...and great question! Can't wait to see how others use them! I did Tim's tags for the first time last year and made an album to put them in. I embossed clear acetate and made pockets to hold them so you could still see all the details. I want to figure our how to incorporate tags into scrapbook pages - don't think I could give them away - when you turn them over - it's quite messy!