Friday, June 5, 2015

BONUS: 12 Tags of 2015: June... Turned Card!

I was a crafting maniac last night and in addition to making my tag, I also made a second tag with the intention of making my dad a birthday/Fathers Day card. The two holidays are close together so I figured making a combined card would be a fun challenge. As usual, I will start with my project and Tim's inspiration:

My Tag/Card:

And Tim's tag for June:

And as usual, here are some of the highlights!
So I show this on the other post, but in case you never make it there, here are the backgrounds before assembly. The tag on the left is the one I used for this project. It's a manilla tag that I coated with Fossilized Amber paint and then soaked to blend. I also spritzed it with some orange tone of ink in a mini mister. Over that I rubbed three colors of ink on the back of a stencil, got it wet, and used it as a stamp as Tim had done. I think these backgrounds came out really awesome. Sometimes it makes me sad to cover them up with other stuff haha.
For the amount of birthday cards I make, I have very few things that actually say "Happy Birthday." I improvised here by stamping "birthday" and distressing it. I then found a "happy." token, and used alcohol ink to get rid of the awkward period. A little glue and an earring thing and TADA! First event represented. You can also see a little bit of the background of the card, which was just a newsprint stamp over and over and some fun ink distressing in Faded Jeans and Vintage Photo. You can also see a close up of that badass background and a little of my inking on the die cut.
Oh this picture shows the background better. Also, I had to celebrate TWO events, so I added paint and embossing powder to a plastic thing and heated it up until it started to warp (oops...). For the Fathers Day part I had to be creative and make chit chat words work. Inked those bad boys up and put them on a background of postal stamps and Vintage Photo on torn paper. Since the card overall is for my dad, I adorned the coffee cup with a "D" and secured it with twine. You can't really tell, but there are a few nice layers on here too because I used some foam dots to adhere everything.

And here is a picture of it from afar (take note of the ribbon and burlap at the top. Forgot to take a closeup of that but it looks really nice and simple.

If you didn't check out my actual tag post for this month, you can check it out HERE. There is also a CONTEST there giving away some free Distress stuff that I accidentally over ordered so you definitely want to get your name in the hat!

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  1. Your background is fabulous;I think I actually like it more than Tim's. I also love the simplicity of your coffee cup.

    1. Whoa whoa careful there, I'm sure there is some crafting mafia out there watching for comments like that ;) -- I kid of course, thank you for the kind words! I think the die cut is so great that it doesn't need much to be really spectacular.

  2. Great job! You have inspired me!

  3. I love it!! That background is gorgeous!