Friday, August 21, 2015

Door Decorations! Past Lives of Staff Members

So I wasn't going to make door decorations for my staff this year, but then I changed my mind and couldn't help myself. Here is the final set for my staff:

Here are some close ups of the different tags (I made some for our sister staff as well):

I don't usually make gender specific crafts, but I had a limited number of bottle caps and didn't realize until after I made the male tags. Not to worry... the tag here is how the female tags turned out. They have a distressed photo from a photo strip that was stamped and embellished, some washi tape on a stamped background, a small label made from a stamp, a distressed ticket, and some lace with a letter for the staff member.

The male version was pretty similar, except instead of lace I used a button and some tissue paper and instead of the ticket, I used a bottle cap and a piece of film.

I was really excited to give these too my staff :)

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