Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I got a new calligraphy pen and now I can't stop!

Greetings friends! So I have been using a flat-edged ink pen for some of my fancier writings for a while now, but finally broke down and bought an actual pen and nib to do nice calligraphy with. And now I can't stop! But that's okay because lots of people have been getting great little gifts and letters. I think I may have mentioned recently that I try to write two letters every Wednesday for More Love Letters, and so I try to get some practice in there to send a nice note to a stranger or two.

Recently, Lindsey Bugbee over at The Postman's Knock challenged her readers to create four things using our creative juices. Some of the projects even came with some great extra stuff that I will link to as relevant.

The first task was just to illustrate something. I drew a lotus with my pen and then water colored it in with Distress pens and a water brush. Then added a small reminder to relax so that I could place this on my desk haha.

Next was to make a card for someone. I made this for my boss after a nice chat on the bus. She likes peonies and wanted to be a radio DJ when she was in college. Tried to throw that together with my usual stuff and TA DA!

Then we had to make a goal sheet that showed off what we wanted to accomplish in the new year. This beautiful work is faux calligraphy by me, but awesome template by Lindsey. You can check out her post on how to get it FREE here: Printable Goal List

Finally, I needed to make an artsy envelope. For this I used a ton of stamps, some washi tape, texture paste, and my fancy pen. This envelope didn't take my nib too well so it looks more like a love letter from a pirate than some of my nicer penmenship, but I'm sure it will be well-received all the same (it's for a card for this weekend, obviously! But I won't share the card until next week as to not spoil all of the surprise).

So that's all for now. The next post will hopefully be my tag for the month because I haven't done that yet, but it could be something else. Who knows?!



  1. WOW!!! Your letters in fantastic!!! These are great!

    1. Thanks Anita! I jokingly say that with some practice I hope to move from "awesome pirate font" to something more elegant haha