Monday, February 22, 2016

12 Tags of 2016 - February

Something odd happened with this tag. I waited until a little later in the month because I had other things to work on (like work... life... stuff like that) and so I found myself making a Valentine themed tag well after the actual holiday. It felt weird. Like I wouldn't make a Christmas card in January either. Just strange. But it still came out great haha. Here is my tag:

Some of the highlights here are the background, which turned out really well. I also really liked the contrast of the hearts on the blue. It turned out better than I had thought it would. When I added the lace to the top I mistakenly left it a little too wet and it made the top bleed--which turned out to look really cool! Yay for happy mistakes! I also finally bought some flashcard things and added my own script to make it a little more V-Day. I discovered my alphabet chips set is very light in the "L" department but finally found one. For the button, it was already zig-zagged and I added more texture paste and red and rust colored embossing powder to make a puffy heart. All over I opted to use a red to do the edge distressing instead of my usual vintage photo, which made for a nice contrast.

Here is Tim's tag, which this is based off of (including the same photostrip pic, even though I was sure I picked a different one...grrr...):

Get excited for the March tag next week, lovers!



  1. Steve..I am really liking your tag... the BLUE background with the red hearts really pops. I also think it is really cool with the look of the "scrabble letters" under your photo! The simple card at the bottom with your own writing is sooo perfect! NICE JOB!

    1. Mylissa, thanks! I am a big fan of "make it work with what you got" and this tag certainly followed that lead :)

  2. I love your color combo on this tag. It is stunning!