Tuesday, March 1, 2016

12 Tags of 2016 - March

If you previously took a look here and saw the short post, sorry about that. I was in rush to get some things moving before I hit the road for work. Now I can expand a little bit. Here is my tag for this month:

Classic me, I didn't have a lot of the supplies I would need to follow Tim's example closely, but I made it work. The theme and wording is a little odd because I actually needed this tag to fit with a theme for a gift I gave someone so I had to be even more creative than usual.

Some highlights to this technique are cutting out a stamp with an exacto knife since I didn't have a small die that would work here. Behind that is a tag with thinlets from the butterfly/French stuff collection that revealed a nice pattern. Instead of the distress crayons, I just used a few layers of distress paint and water to get a similar effect. Here is Tim's tag for the full effect:


  1. WOW you are fast, and LOVE the hand! So cool! What a great take!

  2. Nice to see someone else likes hands x

  3. Steve...interesting take on Tim's Tag...I had to stop and check it out! I am really liking your "hand" and what it reveals inside!