Friday, October 10, 2014

RetroSketch Design Entry!

So I really like these challenges and this week I also wanted to tie in some quilling along with making something for Dia de los Muertos since there really aren't a lot of cards out there for that holiday and I have a friend that I know will enjoy it. (Spoiler alert if you're reading this, Angel!).

So the sketch this week from RetroSketches was pretty fun:

It was crafter's choice! Which meant I could go through the Archives and pick out a sketch that I wanted to use and design around that. Since I'm new to this blog, I haven't done many of the sketches so there were a lot to choose from. I knew I wanted to do quilling, and I knew I wanted to use this festive washi tape I bought soooo I went with this sketch:
And 6 hours of meticulous paper curling and gluing later, I got this beauty:
Feliz Dia de los Muertos! (On November 1st anyway. No shame in being ready early right?)

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