Monday, December 22, 2014

3 "Quick" Holiday Crafts

So over a few days I had to whip out some crafts as gifts or just for general decoration. Here are three things I made in various levels of easy and how you can do it to!

I found some paper that looked nice at the store. Ran it through a tag die-cut and TADA! I accidentally made a really nice tag with the tiny "love" on it. I added a nice red ribbon and now it's a tree ornament. Inked the edges because it's me.

This next one is sort of a silly level of easy... I took a pipe cleaner and made a circle.
 I added some glue (glossy accents here) and some glitter. I then tossed it around in a bag to remove excess.
 Then I added a little ribbon, a dot of hot glue that I painted and added a pin back. TADA! It's a really REALLY easy festive lapel.
This next one isn't quite AS easy, but the components are really simple and it LOOKS really hard, making it a pretty cool gift for someone needing some wall or office decor. Here is the front:
This was literally made from scraps and things I had laying around (the bottle cap was removed from the soda I was drinking while making this...). Take a burlap panel (any craft store has something like this) and then start laying things on it to see how the space works out. After I decided where everything was going, I cut and inked paper to fill the space nicely. The top right is a "found relatives" card from Tim Holtz (not actually someone I know... that would be creepy. Or is this creepier?). I think my favorite parts of this design are the bottle cap that I added alcohol ink to for an aged effect and the key that is glued down, but "taped on" with tissue tape that I have recently become obsessed with.

I also had some other scraps and stamp samples laying around, so I used them to make a nice baking for the project. It's very "Steve."
This project took about an hour and half after I figured out what I wanted to do and rearranged everything a million times. It doesn't help that my craft space is a wreck. Sigh... Maybe in the new year I will do a "craft space before and after" post. Get excited! Or scared...



  1. Love your work. I don't recall how I found you, but I am very glad I did. Love the tag and yes they can most certainly double as gifts too.
    You have yourself a Merry Christmas!
    Victoria, BC Canada

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I had an awesome holiday and I hope you did as well!