Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Configurations Book (a Gift)

Tis the season to accidentally decide to make really complicated gifts for all of your friends! Yay! So with late hours and lots of ink and glitter stuck to me, people will be getting all sorts of fun things this holiday season.

One bigger project this season was this configurations box. I used paper, tape, and then whatever I had laying around to fill the spaces. There are some views and commentary on the book after the jump:

This is a little idea of what it looked like before the decoration part started:

And now for the "tour." Starting with the front cover. I used some scraps for the front, and some fun cardboard and such with die cuts. I also used tissue tape, alphabet tiles, a word band thing, and some stencils combined with ink and paint.
On the side, there are a bunch of tags that I made that are either random or holiday in theme and color:
Opening it up, on the left I just used some nice paper that I aged a little and used it to cover the brads from the cover. The right will be looked at more closely in a sec.

BAM! Here we are. The overall look.
The compartments below contain a bottle full of glitter (snow) with a vial label and some remnant rubs, some holiday bells, a small tree and a letter (E for Erin), and a tiny star on a spring in a mound of snow.
These compartments contain a mini lantern, a 3D layered stamp colored with markers, a word charm thing with floral wire around it, and the star again.
 The bottom was just this big star thing I had and some extra bells. I also used the face stamp that I've been trying to work in to something for a while. And some tinsel pipe cleaners because they were there.

The lantern is powered by this batter pack that I decorated to match the back of the book.
Finally, to pull it all together, I used some corrugated cardboard scraps with bronze paint to look like "pages" on the book.

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